Sep 20, 2011

The Mobile Phone Browser, Mozilla Fennec

Reaching a mass of 200 million people and after setting the Guinness Record for the most downloaded software in a single day, Firefox goes mobile with Fennec, its long-under-development mobile browser. As Fennec enters the early stage of release, the mobile browser war heats up.

Fennec has to directly compete with some of the established browsers for mobile phone, Safari - mainly for iPhone, IE mobile - which supports windows powered smart phones, the global mobile bowser leader, Opera and the emerging giant Android. Though these browsers are well settled in their platform, and.. only in their respective platforms, users has to worry about working with them on a different platform other than their native. So, The world is watching and expecting Mozilla to bring a kick-ass product for the mobile.

We know that user experience is the most important aspect of having a compelling mobile product and Mozilla is the one that understands it better! Fennec brings all the power of Firefox, like tabbed browsing, URL bar with integrated search a.k.a Awesome bar (found in Firefox 3) and of course, pishing protection (to mention a few) and integrates it with its own fascinating features like, faster start up times, better panning and zooming and responsiveness while pages are loading.

Fennec is still in the alpha version (a version for developers) and yet to become a beta. To download Fennec (alpha version) and learn more about Fennec, visit Mozilla. See the below video to have an idea of Fennecs user interface and how Fennec works.

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