Jul 16, 2008

How to Uninstall Extensions or add ons in Mozilla

This depends on the Mozilla product you are using: - Firefox and Thunderbird: Select Tools -> Extensions to open the extension manager which allows you to view, update and remove extensions. - Mozilla Suite: Some extensions offer uninstallers. To remove these extensions, select Edit -> Preferences and look for the extension's name. If it does not appear in this list / does not come with an uninstall function, you can use Extension uninstaller to view and remove installed extensions.Extension uninstaller has not been updated as of June 12th, 2006 to work with the Seamonkey Suite. Note: If you are developing an extension, you can use the extension uninstaller API to add uninstall functionality for your Mozilla Suite extension: Extension Uninstaller API. Improve Internet Speed as well as get Computer tech Support online by Microsoft certified technicians 24x7.. More on Mozilla>> Extensions In Mozilla Using Junk Mail Controls Mozilla's Spam filter perform better than Mail Shield's Mozilla’s spam filter

Jul 9, 2008

Extensions In Mozilla

Adblock:AdBlock is an image filtering plug-in for Mozilla. It can essentially be seen as a program that allows more fine-grained image-control than Mozilla's built-in "Block images from this server"-function. It's capable of removing both images and flash animations. - Yahoo companion for Mozilla: This is the Yahoo Companion toolbar for Mozilla. It does not (yet) contain all the features of the original Yahoo Companion Toolbar (which is currently only available for IE and Netscape 4.x), but is is getting there and it has the same look and feel. Please note that Companion for Mozilla is not released by Yahoo, but rather by a Mozdev project. - MozTweak: Moztweak provides instant access to a variety of Mozilla settings that can be altered from [a] GUI interface. This add-on lets you access and change a wide variety of hidden prefs, not only for the browser but for the mail and news client, as well. - Googlebar: Googlebar is a toolbar for Mozilla that lets you use the Google search engine. It is similar in functionality and appearance to the official Google Toolbar that is available for IE. It offers many features such as specialty searches, configurable toolbar buttons, in-page-search (simply mark text in a web page and right click. You will see several Googlebar options for the marked text such as "web search" or "translate") and much more. Computer Support and Technical Support will always be provided by Microsoft certified technicians 24x7 ..Live More on Mozilla >> Extentions In Mozilla Using Junk Mail Controls Mozilla's Spam filter perform better than Mail Shield's Mozilla’s spam filter Mozilla Bookmarks Extensions

Jul 3, 2008

Extentions In Mozilla

Bookmarklets for Zapping Annoyances. This site has many bookmarklets that - as the name implies - help you "zap" many of the annoynaces you encounter in websites. - Cosmic Cat Creations. This site has many useful Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird extensions like e.g. Statusbar Clock which adds a clock to your browser's status bar that can display the time and date in a fully customizable format. See what it looks like in the screenshot below. This is a very useful extension for those who (like me) hide the Windows task bar to free up screen space. - Jesse's Bookmarklet site. This site features many useful bookmarklets. - Spiegel Sidebar Tab: "Der Spiegel" is considered by many to be Germany's premier News Magazine. Get the latest news (in German) from "Der Spiegel" in your Mozilla or Netscape 6/7 sidebar . - Preferential: The Preferential project aims to provide all users of Gecko browsers (eg. Mozilla, Phoenix) with a simple, accessible GUI (user interface) that allows the modification of any preference set within that browser environment.. Mozilla contains countless preferences that can only be changed by manually modifying the "prefs.js" or "user.js" files. Preferential lets you see and edit these preferences in a convenient tree sturcture. Explanations what many of them do are given, as well. Preferential is a highly recommended add-on for those who want to tweak and customize their Gecko-based browser. A word of caution: Be careful what you change. - Tabscroller: When you click with your right mouse button, then scroll with your scrollwheel, you get a menu with all the open tabs. Advantage is, that you can see the whole title of the page, and that you have a nice overall view of the pages you got open. It's a nice feature that allows you to navigate quick and easy through your tabs, and it will cause you less mousemeters. Improve Internet Speed as well as get Computer tech Support online by Microsoft certified technicians 24x7. More on Mozilla >> Extensions in Mozilla-I Extensions In Mozilla-II Using Junk Mail Controls Mozilla’s spam filter Mozilla Bookmarks Extensions