Aug 26, 2009

Mozila Firefox 4 - Screens for Preview

Mozila Firefox, Mozila Firefox support
Mozilla isn’t taking a rest as Firefox 3.5 goes gold as they have already posted mockup screens of Firefox 4 although it is stated the mockups are not in final stage, and one mockup does appear to hold a striking resemblance to Google’s Chrome.

Aug 7, 2009

New Firefox patches authentication security holes

Mozilla on Monday appear two new versions of Firefox, 3.5.2 and 3.0.13, to application two serious security holes. You can download the Windows and Mac versions of 3.5.2 from CNET, or go to Mozilla for the Linux body and Firefox 3.0.13.

"We strongly acclaim that all Firefox users upgrade to this latest release," Mozilla said in a blog announcement about the security issue.

The first vulnerability could let an attacker run approximate cipher on a person's computer by sending distinctively crafted authentication advice alleged certificate.

The additional vulnerability, appear last week, involves a flaw in certificate authentication technology that could potentially let an attacker gain access to encrypted advice or affair a artificial update to Firefox.

Aug 6, 2009

Mozilla Starts Preparing Developers for Firefox 3.6

Brace yourself for the vanishing menu bar because Mozilla has appeared an official feature list for Firefox 3.6 in the anatomy of adviser for programmers who charge to apperceive about the changes. The Firefox 3.6 developer guide mentions a capability to automatically hide the menu bar, a change that dovetails with sparer Firefox user interface designs that Mozilla has begun exploring for Firefox versions 3.7 and 4.0. That's important for constituent developers and others who use the card bar to ascendancy their add-ons. For those developing Web applications, there is a feature for adding sounds that can play in acknowledgment to specific events. That sounds advantageous for advice people of new e-mail, burning messages, or any amount of contest in Web applications that today accept agitation accepting your absorption as calmly as software active natively on the operating system. Mozilla also focusing to make another change that is the online Internet browser supply not just latitude and longitude coordinates but also user-friendly address terms such as street, city, and postal code. The addition of relocation features that is applicable for authenticated sites means it enable authorized Web sites, do that kind things like show your location and nearby shops on a map, is one of the important features in Firefox 3.5. Mozilla supposed to release Firefox 3.5 in June.

Aug 5, 2009

Mozilla Tops 1 Billion, Still Looks Up at Internet Explorer

Five years afterwards getting introduced to the Internet, Mozilla's accepted open-source Web browser Firefox has accomplished 1 billion downloads. But even admitting Firefox has added another digit to its tally, the open-source browser is still adverse a battle action against Microsoft's stalwart Internet Explorer. While tallying downloads is ability for Mozilla's Firefox, the question of market allotment still remains. The open-source product has been aggressive against Microsoft's Internet Explorer aback its birth and continues to play David to Internet Explorer's Goliath. According to market share numbers from Stat Counter, Mozilla is communicable up with Internet Explorer but still faces a continued alley before it surpasses Microsoft's browser. Stat Counter shows that from July 1, 2008, to Aug. 1, 2009, Internet Explorer remained on top of the Internet Browser market share abundance with 63.5 percent. Mozilla's Firefox is the closest to arduous Redmond's crown with 28.29 percent of the market. Rounding out the top 5 Web browsers are Opera at 2.93 percent, Safari at 2.75 percent and Chrome at 1.89 percent. The allure with Firefox's download amount was kicked into top accessory in June 2008, if Mozilla embarked on its Download Day business blitz. The ambition was to set a Guinness Apple Almanac for a lot of agenda downloads of a section of software in 24 hours. On Download Day, June 17, Firefox's plan was batty by server crashes acquired by the cutting amount of download requests. Mozilla was able to adjustment the problems and get its servers aback on track. And by June 26, Mozilla, through Spread, appear that its Internet Browser had been downloaded 20 million times. You can also have Internet Browser Support. Guinness on July 2 accepted that Mozilla had acquired the world record for better amount of software downloads in 24 hours, with the open-source Web Browser getting downloaded added than 8 million times on June 17.

Aug 4, 2009

Mozilla Plans Firefox 3.7 Interface Changes

It looks like the Mozilla Foundation wants to accomplish some cogent changes to the Firefox user interface in the 3.7 version. The Mozilla website has some antecedent mockups to alpha the altercation off a part of Firefox developers. Right now, they are assuming alone Windows changes, for both XP and Vista/Win7.

Simplification seems to be the adjustment of the day. There is fewer buttons on the left of the address bar, and buttons accept an abstracted and distinct look to them. The accomplished File/Edit/View/etc. bar is gone, replaced by a View drop-down box to the appropriate of the seek bar, with a button to accomplish the bookmarks bar appear. Far added of the window is "glass", which makes it accommodate bigger with Vista/Win7's OS elements like charlatan windows and such.

The changes to the XP adaptation are similar, admitting of advance after the bottle stuff. The capital aberration appears to be the Tools and Bookmark Bar buttons to the appropriate of the seek bar, which accept an altered architecture but apparently agnate functionality to that in the Vista/Win7 design.

The changes are looking acceptable to us. Removing the File/Edit/etc. bar, or at least hiding it away, makes sense. It increases the bulk of your Firefox window that is acclimated by the page itself, rather than the interface, which is one of the things I adulation about Chrome. It seems like use of the Home button has collapsed out of favor, so it makes faculty to get rid of that, too. Of course, this is a mockup of proposed changes to an adaptation 3.7, if 3.6 are not even out yet. So it may attend absolutely altered by the time this adaptation ships. What do you anticipate of the changes? Leave us your comments.