Sep 19, 2011

How to Find My Download List on Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free, customizable Internet browser. By default, when you download a document or item from the Internet through your Firefox browser, a download window will appear. This download list shows the progress of each item being downloaded. Once your items have been downloaded, your download list will disappear. You can easily access your download list through the browser toolbar or by using keystroke commands on your keyboard.


Open Mozilla Firefox.

Go to the browser toolbar and click on "Tools." On a PC, your browser toolbar will run across the top of your Firefox browser window. On a Mac, your toolbar will be listed across the top of your computer screen, to the right of the Apple symbol. The Mozilla Firefox support site notes you can also access your download list by pressing the "Command" and "J" buttons.

Select "Downloads" from the pop-up list. Your download list will now appear on your screen. If you have not downloaded any items, your download list will be blank. Otherwise, all of your downloaded items for your most recent Firefox session will be noted in the list.

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