Jul 1, 2011

Why Use Mozilla Firefox?

Firefox is a completely free open-source web browser created by the Mozilla Foundation. Although many people haven't heard of it before, it is a very popular alternative to Internet Explorer. In fact, Firefox's latest version was so popular that it set the Guinness World Record for most downloaded software in a 24-hour period when it was released on June 17, 2008.

Firefox is a great alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, mostly because of its security and customization. Firefox is able to download items more quickly, is vastly more secure against malicious viruses and hackers, and offers great customization options, making it an obvious choice for people who spend a lot of their time browsing the Internet.

Internet Explorer lacks the multitude of great add-ons (downloadable enhancements) that Firefox offers. Mozilla has cultivated and encouraged a very creative user-based community that offers a wide range of options for customization. Thousands of add-ons of all different types are available for download at the Mozilla website, allowing users to personalize their Firefox experience.

Firefox also employs tabbed browsing, which makes browsing multiple web pages possible. A great feature that allows users to view different web pages in a single browser window, which is especially convenient for comparison shopping.

Although tabbed browsing has finally been adopted by Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft's browser significantly slows down after just several tabs have been opened, whereas Firefox can handle many more before any noticeable reduction in speed or responsiveness. Firefox also has the huge advantage because its users are able to customize their tabs through Mozilla's database of add-ons geared specifically at improving the tabbed browsing feature.

Unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox only uses a small amount of memory to open and run. The web browser only takes up a few resources, leaving your computer plenty of memory to run and operate other programs. Users also praise Firefox's ability to bring back their Firefox session, including all tabs that were open, if it should ever close unexpectedly.

Firefox offers its users with top-notch security against Internet-born viruses and spyware. Unlike Internet Explorer, Firefox utilizes incredibly superior built-in security measures that protect its users against any viruses, spyware and pop-ups that they may get while browsing the Internet. It is also constantly updated and patched in response to the latest security threats.

Of course, Firefox has its disadvantages as well, mainly in the form of incompatibility. Some websites designed specifically for Internet Explorer will not display properly or at all with Firefox, especially pages with ActiveX and VBScript, which are not supported by Firefox.

Mozilla is one of several free downloadable Internet browsers available. Smaller memory footprint, high levels of customization, faster load times and better security all make Mozilla's Firefox a worthy competitor in the internet browser war. So try it out for yourself and decide if it's the right browser for you.

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