Jul 12, 2011

Mozilla New Security Tool

According to an IT support issue published just the previous week, it is believed that Mozilla is on the process of developing a tool for giving all the users of its rival browsers an easy way to find if the important add-ons are updated or not. The tool will allow the users of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari to check out if its add-ons are updated to their latest versions.

Mozilla has plans to switch on the cross-browser function of its new web tool which is an addition to its previous checking mechanism rooted into the Firefox 3.6 version. The newly developed functionality allows other major browsers such as Chrome 4, Safari 4 and the Opera 10.5 version users to easily checkout their outdated plug-ins. For instance, you can easily check out the versions of Adobe Flash, apple's QuickTime, etc. add-ons. However, the support of the tools is restricted for all Internet Explorer users to just IE7 and IE8. The main reason behind developing the tool is to avoid hackers from hacking your computer system due to the outdated versions of the add-ons. If unpatched, the chances of the system being susceptible to attacks increase.

Mozilla on Tuesday had activated the IT services plug-in for all the other browsers to check its usability in the preliminary version. However, the add-on was turned on only for checking the functionality and not for deals. In the newly designed add-on, the outdated plugins are tagged simply as "Update" in order to bring in the attention of the users. On the other hand, the updated plugins are tagged as "Up To Date" else tagged as "Research" if the status of the add-on is unknown. Some of the other tags which will be later added in the later phases of the plugin are "Maybe Vulnerable" and "Maybe Outdated".

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