Aug 31, 2011

Mozilla Firefox Breaks World Record

Mozilla Firefox 3.0, the resurgent browser developer has come of age with its latest offering. The new browser has been downloaded well over 8 million times in 24 hours as against the developer's target of 5 million and has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for maximum number of downloads in a single day of download history. There was overwhelming support, both from the United States and the Euro zone with downloads in excess of 2.5 million apiece.

The response for the finished Mozilla browser is largely on account of meticulous care the foundation has taken in providing solutions to expert suggestions. The new version was delivered after three and half years of extensive research and development which included of six months of public testing. The highly mutated form of earlier versions of the browser is set to change the way users organize and search the sites, they frequent more often. Back in late 1990's, the Netscape, the first browser developer virtually lost out to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but with the third avatar of Firefox, they are making an attempt to garner the past glory.

After America Online took over Netscape, they created a non-profit Mozilla Foundation in 2003. The first offering from them, the Firefox, itself was able to catch the imagination of the internet buffs. It is estimated, Firefox has 200 million users worldwide prior to the launch of the new version and the numbers are still growing rapidly. Millions of users had downloaded Firefox and started using the browser in lieu of the default browser Internet Explorer clearly indicates its user-friendliness and application.

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