May 26, 2011

A Fast Examination of Mozilla Firefox

The well-known internet browser Mozilla Firefox is built for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux Ubuntu and is available in over seventy languages which makes it among the most common open-source software.

In order to fix the bugs of its older version (3.5), the browser's latest release puts the focus on rapid execution of Web pages just like its rival, Opera currently offers. The new version also continues to improve performance, stability, and security compared to prior releases, according to the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox now offers its users the option of "private browsing" that's already present in other competitors such as Safari.

Another element designed to enhance and facilitate the work of web designers; there are now numerous functions that permit designers to make more engaging websites. But it is the architecture and especially the performance of the engine which makes the difference. In truth it is on this aspect that Mozilla is trying to keep its leadership on the market.

On the list of latest development we've the automatic detection of extensions to ensure that they are compatible with newer versions of the browser before updating, new Personas, full screen videos, a greater number of fonts, along with added support for cutting edge CSS features. Concerning personas, which had made the success of the browser, the choice has been integrated into the browser, so you will no longer have to download the extension and for that reason no need to restart Firefox to see changes.

Firefox is a Internet browser more and more popular because of its many features and plug-ins which are very practical for its users and that perform faster than other browsers like Internet Explorer 8 that are less intuitive.

Nevertheless during recent times there's been more aggressive competition from the rivals. Internet Explorer just isn't far behind nowadays and has made some serious catching up. Google Chrome is undoubtedly a significant threat considering the fact that it is also open-source software and is backed up by the financial strength of Google. Up to now Firefox has been able to survive and we're expecting that it'll keep doing so and it is the other browsers which will have to be cautious about losing share of the market.

So the next times that you will need to set up a new browser on your laptop or desktop computer, don't forget about Mozilla Firefox and you'll not regret it.